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On IVMS-4200 the device is added manually and shows serial number and net detect is proper but camera(s) does not show on main view.

When the hikvision device is added incorrectly the first time by having one digit off on a port number or ip address and/or incorrect password or export to group was unchecked, The group of cameras does not get created. To avoid this from happening when adding, simply delete the incorrectly added device from device management and re-add again correctly or fix the issue by creating/adding the cameras to a group in the group tab.

Can I use Hik-Connect to setup a DDNS domain name?

Yes, you can create a domain name for hik-connect devices by logging in to www.hik-connect.com, go to device management and select the edit icon to create a customized domain name of the registered hik-connect device.

My FW update keeps failing

The FW file is either still zipped, wrong file, or file path too long in the browser

Where can I download the MAC version of the iVMS-4200 client software?

Click?here?to download the iVMS-4200 client software?for MAC OS.

For detailed information, please view the relevant technical bulletin:
iVMS-4200 MAC Installation

How to view my devices from my mobile phone?

Currently, the iVMS-4500 Mobile Client Application isavailable for iPhone and Android phones.

You can download the iVMS-4500 mobile app from the Appstore (for iPhone) and Play store (for Android).

I have installed the SADP tool however I am still unable to detect my device.

You may need to update the WinPcap utility.

  1. Close the SADP software.
  2. Click?here?to download and install the latest WinPcap.
  3. Then run the SADP software again. Also, make sure the computer is connected to the same subnet as the Hikvision devices.

If you are still having issue, click?here?to download the latest SADP software.

In iVMS-4200, where are the download files saved to?

In the iVMS-4200 Client software:?


There you will see the listed default saving paths.

How to enable iVMS-4200 to automatically resume live view after starting the client software again?

In the iVMS-4200 Client software,

  2. Select SYSTEM CONFIGURATION and then GENERAL (on the left side).
  3. Check the checkbox for “Resume Live View Status” to enable auto resume.